Wind Ensemble

Directors: Mrs. Jennifer Bodrie Jones

Wind Ensemble is a performance-based course, which is designed to challenge the students in all aspects of wind and percussion playing. Students will be performing advanced high school (Grade IV) and college-level literature (Grades V or VI) according to the ratings of the Maryland Band Directors Association. Emphasis will be placed on musical elements such as phrasing, interpretation, ensemble techniques, and intonation. Students participating in this ensemble are also encouraged to create small chamber ensembles to develop a repertoire of solo and small ensemble work, and a more soloistic style of playing. Students participating in this ensemble often audition for All County, and participate in solo and ensemble, along with several other music organizations.

The director also selects the top wind and percussion players from Wind Ensemble to perform full orchestra works every semester; these full orchestra rehearsals are after school, no more than four in number, and are before each concert every semester.