Uniform Care – Marching Band

Marching Band Members Show Information

For all performances band members will need the following:

  • Bike shorts/ spandex (no gym shorts etc, they are too loose)
  • Dark T-shirt (show shirt)
  • Black socks
  • Gloves
  • Marching band shoes
  • Band jacket, blue jeans and sneakers to change into

**Alternate uniforms consist of jeans and band jacket. Alternate uniforms are always needed!**

Directors will instruct students when to take their uniforms home to be washed; uniforms are due within TWO DAYS of a performance. Directions are listed below.

Directions for washing wind/percussion uniforms:

  • DO NOT DRY CLEAN the uniforms, as the colors stay brighter with machine washing.
  • Fold back extended shoulders onto the shoulder during washing and drying.

(The kids are supposed to do this when they store their uniform anyway, so the jacket should come out of the bag this way.)

  • IF YOU HAVE A BRAND NEW JACKET OR PANTS, soak these garments in COLD

WATER AND 1/4 c. salt water or white vinegar THE FIRST TIME THE GARMENTS ARE WASHED to prevent bleeding colors.

The rest is easy!

  • Jackets and bib pants are made of completely washable polyester-gabardine.
  • Machine wash, gentle cycle, COLD water. Do NOT use fabric softener! Hang to dry!
  • IF the gauntlets need washing (they don’t need washing each time): HAND WASH in COLD water. DRY FLAT.
  • Please make sure garments are COMPLETELY DRY before storing in uniform bag, and double check that the shoulder wings are folded back onto the shoulder.

Band shoes MAY NEVER be left in the uniform bag as they tear the bag. Students should return the washed uniform to the uniform closest located in the hallway outside the band room no later than TWO DAYS after a performance. This enables repairs to be made in a timely fashion.

Guard Members Show Information

For all performances the guard will need the following:

  • Undergarments that do not present lines and are nude color as discussed in rehearsal
  • Black socks
  • Guard gloves
  • Guard shoes
  • Band jacket, blue jeans, T-shirt and sneakers to change into
  • Show shirt
  • Supplies to do your hair

*Costumes will come with garment bags.

**This season each guard member will have at least three full costumes.

***Washing instructions will be e-mailed and posted here once the uniforms are designed and produced***


E-mail or call Angelina Kline Burgess (Color Guard) / Renee Haines (Winds/Percussion)

410-596-5689 /410-876-9256

ange5lina@aol.com / hainesren95@yahoo.com