Music Advocates of Carroll County

Dear Friends,

One of the biggest challenges for music advocacy in Carroll County is educating the public about issues that affect music education. Most people simply don’t know that they should be advocates until cuts are looming. Of course, we want to be proactive and make sure that doesn’t happen here. Can you help to spread the word about our group by speaking with friends? Putting information in your school newsletter? Speaking at a PTA/PTO meeting? Sending an email to a neighbor? Maybe you could forward them this link, to a profile about MACC that recently appeared in the Eldersburg Advocate. (Thanks to Barbara Kreinar for writing the article.)

Group Advocating for Strong Music Presence in Carroll by Barbara Kreinar

It is important for our community to be educated and able to speak articulately about the value of music and the issues that impact music education. Over the next few months, we will be sending occasional emails with articles that explain the issues. We hope you find them helpful. With this in mind, please take a look at the linked article.

The Parent Trap by Robert Morrison

Thanks for your support!

Maggie Fischer
Music Advocates of Carroll County