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Hi Music Boosters!

Scrip is Fundraising While You Shop®, at no extra cost to you. Purchase retail gift cards through at face value, to pay for everyday purchases (like gas and groceries), instead of the usual credit/debit card or other money, and our organization receives rebates. You do not have to spend an extra dime. AND, the best part is that our program actually credits the rebates that you accumulate, to your child’s student fee account. As you eat out or shop as usual, those rebates add up to pay off future band fees. WHAT A DEAL!!!

What You Need to Know to Start Using Scrip

Why should you use scrip?

Using Scrip enables you to save money by applying earnings from money you spend on everyday purchases to your child’s account! It also offers you a way to help our instrumental music program. When you register with Scrip, you may choose to have your Scrip rebates applied to the student accounts of your choice, or to benefit the whole instrumental music program.

You start by setting up an account with Scrip.

Anyone can set up an account. Once you receive the enrollment code from, point your browser to this website: and click the green GET STARTED button in the upper right corner.


Then use the enrollment code you received from:

Fill in your information on the Registration form. Be sure to specify either the student’s name so that we credit your student’s account OR “General Account” to benefit the whole instrumental music program. If you want to split your share between students or between your child and the general account – let us know. We can do that! Basically, in the Student Name box, you would type, for example:

Kenny G 50% Doc Severinsen 50%
– OR –
Yo-Yo Ma 80% General Acct 20%

You can update your profile at anytime to make changes.

Login and shop!

You can then review the retailers and all the details of each offer and make your choices. We recommend choosing what you know you will use first, so you can practice this new life-style. Also, remember, you cannot change your order once you hit “submit”. If you make a mistake, let us know immediately.

How do I pay?

We suggest setting up a Presto Pay account. This means, the payment is taken out of your checking account.

It takes a couple of business days for this account to be active. So, set it up now so you are ready to purchase. Using Presto Pay costs 15¢ per order (not per card). There is nothing for you to turn in to us. It is all done paper-free, on-line through their secure website.

You can also pay by check. If you pay by check, we ask you add an extra $1 to your total to help defray the shipping cost that we pay. This is not mandatory – it would just help to insure that the music program benefits as much as possible with the least expense to the program.

**Your payment must be in the payment box in the instrumental music room (on the wall next to Mr. Frazier’s office) with a copy of your submitted order, before the deadline.  Our deadline is the 15th of each month(unless a modified schedule is announced).

Why Presto Pay?

Not only does Presto Pay enable you to order gift cards on demand through ScripNow, Reload, and the Scrip Wallet App, it streamlines the order process for everyone. Scrip requires payment be received before shipping the group order.

Do I need to place all orders online?

You can submit a paper order and pay by check. No problem.

I placed an order. What happens next?

The orders placed on-line are pooled until we release them for processing as a group. Scrip then puts all of the cards together and ships them FedEx. We organize the orders and set a pick-up day. We will send out email reminders of the monthly ordering deadline and also for the pick-up times and place. Once you have signed as having received your cards, you accept all responsibility for them. Treat them like money – that’s what they are!

I am out of town. What do I do?

Anyone, anywhere, can set up their own account. The order for cards can be turned over to the local friend or family member for further delivery. Also, consider using ScripNow and reloadable cards. Those programs can be managed online. Starbuck’s and Lowe’s are examples of companies that offer a reloadable card. You can add value to it from your computer and you don’t have to worry about a physical card getting to you after you get the first one. ScripNow is Instant Scrip. Some retailers require a printed certificate and some can even scan a bar code from your phone when you step up to pay. See the details of each retail offer as there are several options.

I need to make a big purchase now. How do I get credit for that?

If your fridge goes up, for example, you can purchase ScripNow or reload a Lowe’s card. Load the money you need to spend on the card. Follow instructions provided to do that. Then, make your purchase and use your card to pay. Voila! The same money spent, with a “rebate” of sorts. Check other retailers for this option. More are being added all the time!

What’s “On Sale”?

See the “What’s New” tab. There are almost always special offers. To take advantage of an increase in the percentage contributed by the retailer, just “submit” your order before the offer expires. Even though we may “release” your order after the offer expires, you still get the deal.

What are the deadlines for ordering?

You must “submit” your order and use Presto Pay or drop off your check at school on or before the 15th of each month, unless we have announced a modified schedule. An example is earlier deadlines in November and December to help facilitate holiday shopping. Any order submitted after the cut off day will be added to the next month’s order. Your check will always be deposited as soon as we receive it. Pick-up day will be about the 25th of the month. We will announce the exact date and time via email.


Just our Scrip Coordinator, at They will try to respond within a day or two. We will do whatever they can to make this easy for you so that all of our children can benefit from this powerful opportunity.

Remember, Scrip requires no new money. You are just spending money you would have spent on everyday expenses anyway, while building-up your child’s account and helping our wonderful instrumental music program.

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