Student Accounts

If you have any questions about your student account, please email

Student Account Policies

Student accounts were created to provide students the opportunity to pay for fees, instrumental music apparel, and other things through various fundraisers organized by the Instrumental Music Boosters. Specific fundraisers for student accounts are developed to help offset any financial burden for students and their families, by allowing either all or portions of funds raised to be credited toward each student’s respective fees. Money earned is credited to their fees and statements are issued, so that students and parents are aware of amounts owed prior to the last payment deadline. ANY FUNDS EARNED IN EXCESS OF FEES OWED WILL BE PUT INTO THE INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC BOOSTER FUND. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDING OF EARNED FUNDS IN THE CASE OF WITHDRAWAL, DISMISSAL, OR GRADUATION FROM THE BAND PROGRAM.

Application of Student Account Credits

Student account credits may be applied toward any band, color guard, or music related expenses for WHS Instrumental Music program.